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Clean air!

These filters work well. This is after 5 months of use (my room is pet and smoke free, the door is always closed). I have severe allergies and this filter and purification system work well. Easy to install and lasts a long time for my lifestyle. you can't put a price on health.

They do not wrinkle and I open and close them daily. They block out the light and look cute open.

These are HANDS DOWN the BEST curtains I have ever used. It is almost pitch black in my room in the middle of the day when I use them. They block the sun from all of the important angles.

The curtains are really soft and true to size. They came the perfect length. Not see-through at all!

So far they are keeping my living room cooler and darker. I have no complaints about these curtains!

These don't let much light in at all! I took this picture at the peak of the day and you can tell even on the side where light normally comes in there isn't much! My fiance works nights so he needs to be able to sleep in in the mornings and these have been great.

Laundry Drying Rack Haven

The product is very well designed, is sturdier, and saves a ton of space in the laundry room.

Laundry Drying Rack Haven

I’m really impressed with how many wet towels this can hold and how it folds completely flat when not in use.

Laundry Drying Rack Haven

Easy install!

Laundry Drying Rack Haven

These racks are great! I like to hang a lot of my clothes to dry, but we recently moved to a house with a tiny laundry room and really no space elsewhere to set up drying racks that sit on the floor. After my husband installed the first of these racks, I liked it so much that I ordered a second one.

Laundry Drying Rack Haven

I have had multiple compliments on how sleek this looks. It does need to be hung where the studs are and not on just drywall.

It is very beautiful and leaves your back practically free, it fits the body well.

Very effective

I’m being honest 3 months using it after removing makeup/putting serum or moisturizer on, I use it, it does remove puffiness and fluid buildup under skin, I tap my skin and it’s tight, but mild medium pressure on skin when using it, I use it when it shuts off twice then I stop to get enough blood circulation on face. I do see a difference definitely a change, it did tighten my skin. I’m happy I tried it. Honest review****

Loving it! 5 minutes in the morning 5 minutes in the evening followed up with vitamines C serum. Rosacea is already diminishing. Blemishes are fading . Skin is starting to tighten. Can’t beat the price, it’s a fraction of a facial.

It's really easy to use and it works!!! I was very skeptical when I ordered this. I was pleasantly surprised by the results, other people noticed as well so that was a huge bonus. Definitely changes the jawline and makes the skin appear a lot fresher.

love this product

I love this little dolphin skin tool. It is actually my 2nd one because the first one was damaged in a small flood under the sink and I couldn't find the item to repurchase it. The first place I used this on was my neck which will always show your age.... After using this with some serums, the red light honestly makes your neck look younger. It produces collagen which plumps the skin. This has vibration which is relaxing and 3 colors of light therapy being blue, green, and red. Blue is great for acne and oily skin and is antibacterial as well. I tried this on my son a while back because he had some pimples on his forehead near the hairline from a filthy buzzer at the barber shop. I took before and after pictures and I'm glad I did because I was in shock. I used the blue on him first for 20 minutes and then I used the red for 20. about an hour after I was all done, I went to look at his face and where I used this on his forehead was 90% clear. The area of his skin that I used this on was not a large patch, so I didn't need to move it around much when treating it. So because of this size, it is great if you need to target smaller, specific areas and is easy to use if doing your neck and forehead as it has a curved shape already. You can sit and use this anywhere like watching tv

When using the green and red lights, they both offer a soothing heat and this is rechargeable with the cord included. I was so upset when my original dolphin drowned in the flood, but so happy I was able to replace it with another! Don't let your dolphin go swimming! The price is excellent and well worth it.

These things definitely "serves" their purpose! And makes chasing flies around the not so aggravating. And that pleasing sound of ZAP! It is really fun if they get stuck just right and there are multiple zaps as the fly electrocutes itself and then a charred body falls out for my dog to have a tiny crunchy bbq'd snack :)

Love this tool

Killing the hell out of those summer flies that creeps into my house!

Bought this because I live in an apartment on the ground floor and have been dealing with a serious fly infestation for the past couple of weeks (thanks summer). It really works! For bigger bugs like this fat raisin of a fly (pictured) you might need to strike 2-3 times, but once he’s dead, he’s dead. A huge relief.

I am SUPER picky when it comes to ordering online - check all the reviews on similar items, compare prices, etc. I bought this to take on our camping trip and it has worked great!! Not too big where it takes up too much space but not too small where it doesn’t catch any bugs. It’s been perfect for around the campsite and inside the tent for bugs that get in. It gives off a loud “zap” when it kills bugs and it has an on/off switch so it doesn’t waste the battery. Highly recommend!!

Second time I buy it, super comfortable! The size fits very well I use 36B and with L fits well

Ordered on March 25 received on April 14. Is not made for large breasts.

Very cute, good quality. It took 2 weeks.

Item arrived quickly and on time but I will not be ordering another as it isn't as comfortable as I thought it'd be. If you wear the bar on the last hook, the stitching is itchy on my back. Ordered XL for US size 32DDD

They are comfortable and fit well! I love the colors offered too. There is a tad of sheerness but not too much--they are more opaque than sheer and have just the right amount of stretch. This was a great buy--excellent bang for the buck! Would repurchase


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