Face Mask Light Therapy Pro

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Tired of juggling multiple skincare treatments? Experience the combined power of 7 LED therapies in one device, offering instant skin rejuvenation and visible problem targeting.

• Targets & reduces multiple skin issues
• Cost-effective multi-treatment solution
• Durable design for lasting use
• Immediate, visible skin transformation.

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Revitalize Your Radiance: Next-Gen LED Skin Renewal

Aging and external factors rob our skin of its youthful vitality, often leading to emotional distress and low self-esteem. Our state-of-the-art LED therapy device, an innovation in skincare, directly addresses these concerns. By using targeted light wavelengths, it ensures rejuvenated skin in minutes, sidelining traditional expensive therapies. It's not just a product; it's a promise to restore your skin's vigor without breaking the bank. Perfect for those seeking efficient and affordable skincare solutions.

Immediate Vibrancy with Every Use

Rediscover the luminosity your skin once boasted.

The true genius behind our salon-level LED therapy device lies in its versatile light spectrum, each calibrated for specific skin concerns. Dive into the blue light, a nemesis for acne-causing bacteria, targeting and reducing unsightly breakouts. Transition to the red light, penetrating deep into skin layers to stimulate collagen production and combat the signs of aging. The green light is your remedy for hyperpigmentation, evening out skin tone and fading spots. Lastly, the yellow light emerges as a savior for sensitive skin, reducing redness and soothing inflammation. A multifaceted approach ensures every skin issue is addressed effectively, offering a skincare regimen that genuinely comprehends your needs.

Salon-quality Results Without the Salon Price Tag

Elevate your skincare routine without breaking the bank.

The age of expensive salon treatments and elusive appointments is past. Our LED therapy device is a one-time investment that keeps giving back. Think of the amounts spent on multiple spa treatments, now imagine achieving the same, if not better, results at home. The device has been meticulously calibrated to provide optimal benefits, rivaling those pricey in-salon treatments. With consistent use, not only will you witness remarkable skin improvements, but you'll also save significantly in the long run. It's high time quality skincare became accessible to all.

Universal Skincare: One Size Does Fit All

Tailored technology to suit diverse skin needs.

Skin is as unique as fingerprints, so why should treatment be one-dimensional? We understand the vast array of skin types and concerns out there. Our LED device isn't limited to a single spectrum of light. Different wavelengths target varied skin concerns, ensuring that everyone from those with sensitive skin to those combating signs of aging can benefit. Whether it's reducing the appearance of fine lines, combating acne, or enhancing overall radiance, this device adapts. Enjoy personalized skincare, understanding that this device works in harmony with your unique complexion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews

I have noticed reduced redness in my face. And the quality of the product and packaging is 10/10!


I have to be honest a say I was nervous to use this mask at first because all of the warning labels and instructions. After plugging it in and playing around with the intensity and colors I decided it was harmless and tried it on. I’ve started to notice some improvement in my acne since I’ve used this mask. Right now I’m using the red to work on fine lines. I love how long the cord is because I hate sitting still. The top can be a bit uncomfortable and feels like the strap needs to be lowered a little bit to sit right. Overall I’m excited to see more results.


I purchased the off-white color mask as a recommendation from my friend. I have sensitive skin so I was a little skeptical at first about using this product. But after using it for almost one month 3-4times a week, it is showing differences in my skin, .it has helped me improve my skin and also helped me with the wrinkles. The face is comparatively smooth than before using this mask., I mostly use blue and green light for my skin. It has different light setting for different skin treatment purposes, which makes it simple to use and easy to use. This mask is reusable and comfortable to use despite being a little heavy. This mask is designed for all types of skins, so users can use this mask as per their requirements and needsI feel the mask is a little bit heavier and the holes can be a little bit bigger, apart from this everything is fine with this product. Overall, I am very much pleased with this mask, it’s a perfect addition to my face, I will recommend anyone this product if you are looking for one. This is great for skin as well as for money


I wanted to try light therapy for my face and I was impressed by the reviews. I just got the mask not to long ago and only used the red light which is for face lifting, increased blood flow and collagen production, anti-aging and smooth fine lines and used the blue light which is for tightening of the skin and improves sensitive skin. I think its too soon to expect results from the mask as I only used it few times but I do feel more relaxed when I have the mask on and feel like my pores got smaller. It took me sometimes to read the instructions but once I did it's easy to use.

michelle dibernardomichelle dibernardo

LED light stimulating collagen production within the skin cells for a youthful, soft appearance with many different light options. Very easy to use. Comes with AC Adapter. Fast delivery. Great product and seller.

B’s MomB’s Mom

I am so satisfied with this purchase. I haven’t had the device long but I have noticed a difference already! I suffer from cystic acne and the first time I used this I noticed a significant improvement in my acne by the following day!

Redd SquirrelRedd Squirrel

This is the second LED Mask I've purchased, and what a difference! This one has SO many type of light therapy, multiple levels of intensity, multiple auto-timed treatment lengths AND, the lights are enclosed in a a layer of plastic, so you can use serums along with your treatments to enhance the effectiveness. Some reviews mention putting cotton around the eye openings for increased comfort, and it's a good tip, because this mask is solid, but it s certainly bearable without. Also, though it comes with a strap, it's it bit too solid for the strap to hold it in place when you're up and about and so us more comfortable to just lay back and place it on your face. Besides, you mght as well enjoy some "mini spa" time while you use it, right? I'm Delighted with my mask, and just wish I'd found this one before throwing money away on the first. PS this is not a wireless style as was my cheapo first purchase, which would shut off after a short period. 5/5 for this one!


been using this product for 2 weeks now. my skin feels great. i love the cushion around the eyes. it makes it more comfortable to use. i didnt use the strap, maybe that’s why others feel pressure around the eyes. i just put it on top of my face while lying down. it’s more comfortable and relaxing that way. i love that it shuts down automatically with the timer cause i sometimes fall asleep while using it. love this product!


I was going to wait to write this review. I figured it would take a couple times using this product to see any results but I was wrong. My first impression of this mask, honestly, is that it was a little creepy LOL it reminded me of the horror movie jason. On a more serious note though, as soon as I saw this product I knew I had to try it. I wanted it to see if it would get rid of the red blotches on my face. It's a lightweight mask with a very bright light and it has simple instructions as for what colors to use for the desired results. It said to use yellow to reduce redness so that's what I used. Much to my surprise I used it one time at the highest intensity level for 10 minutes and sure enough I immediately saw results. I can't speak on the other colors as I have not tried them yet but I am pretty confident that they will work too based upon the results after my initial use of the yellow light. The only thing that I am a little concerned with is any effect it would have on my eyes. I tend to keep my eyes closed no matter what when I use this mask just to be on the safe side. Overall I am extremely happy with this product and the results I've seen so far and I'm looking forward to using all of the other colors as well. I think it's a great purchase in being that I don't have to pay ridiculous prices to go to a skincare treatment facility to have this done. Very happy.


I have been using this LED therapy mask for about a week now. I did see a small improvement in my skin. It was a little softer and smoother. Although it is just a week, I hope I can see more improvement after a month. I would recommend this home skin rejuvenation and anti-aging therapy mask to those who would like their skin to be softer and smoother. However, just be patient when trying to understand its functions because it has multiple color light therapies.


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