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Give your home a good mood and relieve your best musical memories with your CDs in style. 

Your favorite idol/singer/band is waiting for you to play him/her/them with this brand-new CD player - an ideal combination of CD player and modern design that makes your room more aesthetically pleasing.

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Are your favorite CDs collecting dust on the shelf? Don't have anything good to listen to? 

It's time to play music with the HomeHaven CD player. 

| Not just a CD player.

The player comes with multiple functions: it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, FM radio, USB flash drive, microSD, MP3 player, clock, or wired speaker (or connect and output the CD player to another external wired speaker or headphones).

| Limited Space? No worries!

The design is minimal and stylish. It can be hung on your wall or placed on your writing desk or nightstand. Imagine listening to your favorite songs anytime with the remote control that comes with the player. Our customers appreciate the fact that they can make use of all their CDs and albums while displaying them in an aesthetically pleasing way.

| Why get yours? 

Creating your own space? Easy peasy.

Transform a boring wall or a plain table into a modern art display by placing this CD player with your favorite artwork, photos and posters. It is literally a cute, yet modern, finishing touch to any space.

Aesthetically pleasing... Fill in your space with Home Haven CD player with sound quality that will transform the atmosphere of the whole room. 

Our CD player complements your personality, lifestyle and suits your space.

Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Calista Jast

honestly one of my best purchases! i received it 8 days after ordering, it very easy to set up, haven't had a problem, and i finally have something to play my cds on. i’ve recently gotten into kpop so i’ve been buying albums like crazy and now i have a use for them. it’s very pleasing to the eye and the fact that it also has bluetooth is a huge plus for me as i don’t just listen to kpop all the time and i can just play something from my phone. oh and the remote control is great! i don’t feel good about always having to pull the cord to turn it on so i just stick to the remote which is super helpful.

Thank you Calista, we appreciate your review!

Bobby Lowe

I love this CD player, it’s so cute and I can listen to all my K-pop Albums on here! Perfect for a gift or for just a K-pop lover!

Jayne F
So Happy to Hear my Favorites AND MORE!!!

Not only am I listening to all my favorite old CDs again, but Bluetooth is the bom!!! Listening to my favorite talk radio is so much easier!!

Joshua Krajcik
great product

Great value. Great sound. Fits any aesthetic. Only problem that dropped my rating from 5 to 4 stars is that when I was about to mount it I realized it would absolutely wreck the wall with the included hardware. The included stand worked just fine though, and it can easily sit on a bookshelf or nightstand. I do not recommend putting this on the wall unless you're a really good carpenter that can fix any damage.

Tianna Kuhlman

took a bit of figuring out to get the remote to work and the time set- but otherwise, it works really well to play CDs and it has more features than expected
Delivery in 4 days. The thing is just gorgeous!!!! Thank you!

Gerard Schaefer

The description is very accurate, the maximum volume is 30, looking in which mode it will be slightly different. In Bluetooth mode, when connected to the laptop, the volume is higher than when connected to the phone. Very fast delivery, ordered 5, and took 9. you can both attach to the wall, and just put

Ayana Thompson

Bought two, one for each kids room. Quality is ok, minimum volume is still a little loud for backround/sleeping. It has a ton of functions that all seem to work, it's just the interface and remote are a bit hard to manevour.

Clemens Block

Overall like this CD player, but the sound just needs to be a little louder. I use it for listening to homeschool CDs and some parts are hard to hear, so wish it could get louder. Still recommend though.

Lenna Pacocha

this is a very cute, clean looking CD player for any room if you have lots of CDS but no player. the player itself is nice, with the stand or being able to mount on the wall. the only downside is the speaker volume, but you can always fix that (if you care about the speaker volume) with speakers that have the 3.5mm aux plugin, and you can really tell a difference with or without them.

Andrew Greenholt

Very cool waited a week))


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