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Keep your bag clean and organized by effectively removing debris, crumbs, and other waste. The Clean Bag Ball is easy to use and can help to maintain a clean and tidy backpack, making it a useful accessory for school, work, or travel.
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Color: Pink
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Tired of dirty and cluttered handbags?

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Karen who always seemed to have a cluttered and dirty handbag. No matter how hard she tried to keep it clean, it always ended up filled with crumbs, debris, and other bits of waste. It was a constant source of embarrassment for her, as she was always worried about what others would think when they saw the state of her bag.

Effortlessly remove debris and crumbs from your bag

As many have been in the same position as Karen, this is why we crafted our Clean Bag Ball. It is an easy way to self-clean your bag. When the ball is inside the bag, it works by attracting and trapping debris: Inner sticky ball rolls around and picks up all the dirt, dust, and crumbs !

Why it is great

➤ Convenience: Easy to use, simply place it in your bag and it will collect waste as you go about your day. When you're ready to clean your bag, simply remove the Ball, empty it and clean it, and you are done.

➤ Effectiveness: Designed to effectively collect and remove debris, crumbs, and other waste that accumulates in a bag over time. Keep your bag clean and organized, save time and effort, and also provide a sense of tidiness and peace of mind.

➤ Versatility: Can be used in any kind of bag, such as backpacks, school bags, handbags, and so on, which makes it versatile and can be used by anyone. Additionally, it's eco-friendly, reusable, and cost-effective.

The secret weapon to keeping your bag clean and organized?

If you are looking for an incredibly easy to use and effective way to keep your bag clean on a daily basis, the Clean Bag Ball is a great option for you to consider.

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews

I keep it at the bottom of my tote bag and it does work!

Ryan Mulvany

Great value - cleans without any effort.


This is pretty cool, just put it in your purse and forget about it basically. I need about 8 of these for each bag lol


really works to keep the bottom of purse clean

L. McCarty

Minus one star because it’s kinda expensive for just one ball.


Really nice to keep in your purse or work bag. It catches all the little dirt that collects of the bottom of your bag. Super easy to clean and reuse again.

Flight of Stars

I haven't noticed much of a difference, having this in my purse. It does pick up some bits, but honestly I don't know if it's worth anything. Not bad, just not very good.

Deb R.

This works so insanely well in my purse. So glad I stumbled upon it!

s fdez

I found this product as to an Instagram influencer who posted her favorite purse items to keep clean, this has been a hallmark of my bags. It is so easy to use and have around in your purse because he’s not gonna be in the way of anything then you can just pull a little bowl out rinse it and wait for it to dry and throw it again somewhere else it’s gonna be able to gather all the dust in your bags and everything is tidy! It’s such a fun color too. Love love

Marcia Bolton

Works great to keep my purse a little cleaner


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