HomeHaven Ultra-Slim Bidet

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Imagine transforming your daily routine into an act of self-care, environmental stewardship, and unparalleled cleanliness.

The HomeHaven Ultra-Slim Bidet isn't just a bathroom addition; it's a lifestyle upgrade for the discerning individual who seeks comfort, sustainability, and hygiene beyond compare.

Cleans intimate areas with clean water jets
10-minute installation without the need for construction
Operates without electricity, leveraging water pressure
Reduces toilet paper usage by 80%
10x less expensive than traditional Japanese toilets
Ensures 200% more well-being at the WC, akin to a spa experience

Buy More, Save More!: Single Ultra-Slim Bidet: $99.95 each
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Introducing the HomeHaven Ultra-Slim Bidet, an innovation in personal hygiene that transforms your bathroom into a haven of comfort and cleanliness.
With easy installation and advanced features, it’s more than just a product; it's a gateway to a new lifestyle.

The Ultimate in Personal Cleanliness

Bid farewell to the harshness of toilet paper. Embrace the soothing, adjustable streams of the Ultra-Slim Bidet, offering a tailored clean that leaves you refreshed and confident. Scientific studies, such as those referenced by the Cleveland Clinic, have shown bidets to provide a gentler, more hygienic cleanse than toilet paper, reducing irritation and the risk of hemorrhoids.

⦿ 80% less toilet paper used daily: So much cleaner and more ecological.
⦿ +200% well-being at the toilet: Absolute freshness and cleanliness like a spa.
⦿ +€90 saved on toilet paper per person: Less toilet paper, more savings.
⦿ Scientifically Proven Health Benefits* underscore the bidet's role in improving personal hygiene and potentially reducing common health issues.

Eco-Friendly and Economically Sound

In an era where environmental impact is paramount, the HomeHaven Ultra-Slim Bidet emerges as a champion of sustainability.

By significantly reducing your household's toilet paper use, you're not only saving trees but also contributing to water conservation efforts.

Embrace the eco-conscious choice that pays for itself through savings on paper products.

Unmatched Comfort and Convenience

"Why haven't I done this sooner?" you'll wonder, as the Ultra-Slim Bidet integrates seamlessly into your life. Installation is a breeze, with clear instructions that make it accessible to anyone.

∞ 10 minutes installation without construction work: No need to be a plumber!
∞ Without electricity or batteries: Operates thanks to water pressure.
∞ 10 times cheaper than Japanese toilets: Finally affordable luxury comfort.
∞ 30-day trial period to experience the benefits firsthand, offering peace of mind and the opportunity to feel the difference in your daily routine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Tyler M
Honestly impressed!

I bought this because I was sick of our household, having to buy wipes and having to deal with so much toilet paper for the price I couldn’t be happier. It only took 10-15 minutes to install and worked like a charm! Probably will get another one for our bathroom!

Brianne Deringer
GREAT for the price!

This bidet was SO easy to put together, only a couple of parts, and clear instructions. It works really well, and is exactly what I wanted!
I love the different settings, and very easy to use!
My sister has a tushy one with a warmer, and it takes so long to get warm, so it’s not worth the extra money - also, this one works way better!
Highly recommend!

Dennis Stephan
Works well- Easy install

I don't use this item, but my wife loves it. It was easy to install. Took me 10 minutes and I'm not handy at all. Make sure you use the pipe thread tape to ensure no seepage and it'll be great. I used product support to obtain and attachment that I wanted, and they were great. They answered my questions and shipped the item quickly. We've only had this item for a couple of weeks but so far it's as advertised.

Karyl white
Very simple install even for me a single middle aged woman

I am impressed!! I am a single woman without a toolbox and I installed this all by myself. I was worried I would break my toilet, flood my house or leave my toilet inoperable until a plumber could get here but here I am with a clean rear end and an awesome bidet that I’m very proud of! The different levels of spray work great and the feminine setting is a more soft spray toward the front.. this is the best $40something dollars I’ve spent in a long time, I’m very happy…. I may just start a side business installing bidets 😂 JK

Happy customer

Ok so I couldn't use it in the toilet next to our bedroom. I was discouraged because: 1. The toilet seat bolts in the toilet were not long enough to accommodate the extra space for the bidet and the toilet seat and 2. The space between the toilet tank and the fill valve was too small to accommodate the T-adapter, it just wouldn't fit even with a flexible hose. It is a very low toilet. I was ready to put everything back in the box and return it when I realized that I had another toilet. With that one I had no issues. Everything went smooth and I had it working in fifteen minutes. In my first toilet I made a water mess and had to use a towel to mop the floor but in the second toilet there was no water mess. The bolts were long enough and there was plenty of space for the T-adapter. All the connections attached smoothly without the included Plummer's tape and with no leaks. It seems to work fine. I must say the water jet is a bit strong even at its lowest setting but maybe I can adjust it with the water supply valve at the intake.

Oh , I almost forgot, after installation, the toilet seat does not rest flat on the bowl. There is a very wide gap in the front (1 1/8”) because my lid has a lip around the edge that does not allow it to close flat. They suggest installing toilet seat bumpers. But it is so wide that I might have to buy a new toilet seat. This means an extra expense and a few days more before all is finished but in the end it may be worth it. I do recommend this product. It is a simple design, easy to install and works just fine.

Lonny Ricker

I purchased this back in December because I was going to have back surgery in January. I knew it would be difficult to twist my back to "take care of business" after going. It works great and at this point wish I had bought one a lot sooner! The installation was pretty easy (even though I had to have someone else do it for me due to my physical disability.) The one thing I will suggest is getting buffers for under toilet seat because the bidet makes the front of the seat pinch you if you aren't careful.


I didn't find this a simple to install as was expected. It was a bit fiddly to get everything lined up and there were conflicting directions online when installing with the same brand of seat. The controls work well and it doesn't look too hospital-like. Perhaps if the fittings were newer in the toilet it was being paired with, the task might have gone more smoothly. This item does work well, and for the price it is a good deal. We had the Tushy 2.0 before, and this is almost as good. The Tushy seems more intuitive to use.


It's easy to install, the T valve that came with it worked fine for me. I did also get the T valve which can also adjust water and if you prefer that then go for it, I just don't turn it much so I didn't need it. One thing to note is that this model doesn't have hot water so if that's a requirement for you I'd get the other model (you'll need to plug it into an outlet for that one). It's easy to install though and great value, you do need a few tools like a wrench.


I am certain that this will be my best purchase of 2024. I was initially concerned about the cost; I thought maybe too cheap. However, I checked the reviews and saw there was a return policy, so I thought why not. I am sooooo glad I did. Super easy to install and man does it work! It has a water pressure setting that's supposed to make the water stream stronger. In all honesty, there's really no difference from weak to strong. Maybe a slight difference. However, the soft stream is plenty strong enough. The cleanliness you feel afterwards is amazing, and without using a ton of toilet paper. I highly recommend this item.

J. Amman

I just got back from living in Thailand for almost a year where they basically never use tp to wipe their rear-ends so I had to buy a bidet for my house in America; This unit installed very easily and does a great job; It actually does a better job of cleaning then most of the bidets that I used in Thailand and I stayed at some very nice hotels; So I just bought a second one to install in my guest bathroom; Highly recommend this unit.


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