3-in-1 Mini Facial Toning & Rejuvenation Device

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What It Is:

An On-The-Go 3-in-1 Facial Toning & Rejuvenation Handset that tones, lifts, and contours the facial muscles while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a 5-Minute Facial-Lift on the go.

What Makes It Special:

⦿ Stimulates the larger surface areas of your face and neck with LED technology and consistent temperature maintenance to help improve facial contour, tone, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
⦿ 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week provide instant and cumulative results.
⦿ FDA-Cleared, Aesthetician-Created.

      BUNDLE & SAVE: 1 Skin Rejuvenator⎪$59.99/unit
      Color: Black
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      Imagine a world where every morning, you wake up to eyes that sparkle with youth, a forehead that’s as smooth as porcelain, lips that hint at a natural pout, and a neck & jawline that rival your years. Sounds like a dream? It's about to become your reality.

      An unnoticed wrinkle, a creeping fine line, a subtle sag – these aren’t just indicators of aging. They’re silent thieves, robbing confidence and pushing the radiant you into the shadows. But now, it's time to fight back.

      The Ultimate Facial Toning & Rejuvenation Experience

      ★ Revitalize the Eyes: Transport your eyes back in time. Our LED technology and precise temperature control, which stimulate blood circulation and collagen production, combat crow's feet, giving your eyes a lively lift and banishing fatigue.

      ★ Smooth the Forehead: No need to hide behind fringes or hats. Let gentle vibrations melt away those stubborn lines and '11s', revealing a canvas as pristine as an untouched snowfield.

      ★ Rejuvenate the Mouth Area: Turn back the clock on your lips. Our device doesn’t just blur lines; it also adds a touch of nature’s plump to your pout.

      ★ Define the Neck & Jawline: Sculpting masterpieces isn’t just for artists. Our balanced LED light and warmth not only define your jawline and neck but also stimulate blood circulation and collagen production, carving out a silhouette others will envy.

      Step-by-Step to Youthful Splendor

      Simple, Effective, Transformative:

      1. Foundation: Begin with a clean face. Wipe away the day’s stresses and any impurities.

      2. Nourish: Dab on your cherished serum, face oil, or moisturizer. Alternatively, go natural and let our device work its charm on your pure skin.

      3. Eyes, Forehead, Mouth, Neck - In That Order: Turn on the handset and choose your mode. Start with the eyes, holding the device under each one until you feel a soft vibration, then slowly move it across your forehead. Shift focus to your mouth area and finish by defining the neck & jawline. Each zone deserves 5-10 minutes of your day.

      4. Consistency is Key: Use one mode per session, 3-5 times a week, for optimum results.
      5. Seal the Deal: Conclude your session by layering on your preferred skincare products, basking in the glow of rejuvenated skin.

      Personalized Skincare Mastery - Modes for Every Skin Desire

      ➤ CLEAN Mode (Green Setting): Dive deep. This mode tightens, enhances circulation, drains lymphatically, and combats that unwanted puffiness.

      ➤ EMS Mode (Red Setting): Ignite your skin's potential. Experience boosted cell revival, dark spot reduction, and the fine art of wrinkle elimination.

      ➤ HOT Mode (Blue Setting): Smooth, defend, and purify. This setting is your shield against acne and those pesky blackhead culprits.

      No matter the concern, no matter the goal – we have a setting for it. With seven LED modes, tailor-make your skin journey. Amplify your skincare products, get them working deeper, harder, and smarter. Your path to flawless, celestial skin starts now.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 38 reviews
      Meghan. P
      Very effective

      I’m being honest 3 months using it after removing makeup/putting serum or moisturizer on, I use it, it does remove puffiness and fluid buildup under skin, I tap my skin and it’s tight, but mild medium pressure on skin when using it, I use it when it shuts off twice then I stop to get enough blood circulation on face. I do see a difference definitely a change, it did tighten my skin. I’m happy I tried it. Honest review****

      Renee B

      Loving it! 5 minutes in the morning 5 minutes in the evening followed up with vitamines C serum. Rosacea is already diminishing. Blemishes are fading . Skin is starting to tighten. Can’t beat the price, it’s a fraction of a facial.

      Sarah T

      It's really easy to use and it works!!! I was very skeptical when I ordered this. I was pleasantly surprised by the results, other people noticed as well so that was a huge bonus. Definitely changes the jawline and makes the skin appear a lot fresher.

      love this product

      I love this little dolphin skin tool. It is actually my 2nd one because the first one was damaged in a small flood under the sink and I couldn't find the item to repurchase it. The first place I used this on was my neck which will always show your age.... After using this with some serums, the red light honestly makes your neck look younger. It produces collagen which plumps the skin. This has vibration which is relaxing and 3 colors of light therapy being blue, green, and red. Blue is great for acne and oily skin and is antibacterial as well. I tried this on my son a while back because he had some pimples on his forehead near the hairline from a filthy buzzer at the barber shop. I took before and after pictures and I'm glad I did because I was in shock. I used the blue on him first for 20 minutes and then I used the red for 20. about an hour after I was all done, I went to look at his face and where I used this on his forehead was 90% clear. The area of his skin that I used this on was not a large patch, so I didn't need to move it around much when treating it. So because of this size, it is great if you need to target smaller, specific areas and is easy to use if doing your neck and forehead as it has a curved shape already. You can sit and use this anywhere like watching tv

      When using the green and red lights, they both offer a soothing heat and this is rechargeable with the cord included. I was so upset when my original dolphin drowned in the flood, but so happy I was able to replace it with another! Don't let your dolphin go swimming! The price is excellent and well worth it.

      Lisa P

      I love this product!!! I’ve only been using it for almost 2 weeks and not even everyday. I noticed a big difference in my skin especially my double chin. It has gone down dramatically. I’m gaining my jaw line back. This is even better than other products similar to this. I would recommend this to everyone!!


      I have started using it three weeks ago and my friends asked me if I did something to my face because it looks different and beautiful 😊

      Jennifer B Tessier

      I’m glad I added this to my daily routine!!


      Makes my skin feel so soft!!

      Merris Crimmins

      Clients love this feature in my treatment room as an esthetician.

      Christina Gregory

      So far so good. To soon for real results but it seems like I see results already and it feels good in hot mode. Pay attention on the correct method of using the product and I think it will be great for anyone who wants a subtle lift


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