The Foldable Zapper Racket Haven

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Are you tired of constantly swatting at annoying bugs, ruining precious moments with family and friends? Do you fear that pesky insects might transmit diseases or cause itchy, unsightly bites?

Worry no more! Our Foldable Zapper Racket Haven is here to liberate you from these frustrations and protect your loved ones.

  • Foldable design: Conveniently rotates 180° and can be hung on a wall for easy storage
  • Instant kill: 3500-volt voltage for quick and efficient bug elimination
  • USB rechargeable: 1200mAh battery offers up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge
  • Safe for Kids & Pets: 3-layer safety wire mesh and double trigger design prevent accidents
  • Easy to clean: Effortlessly shake or brush dead bugs off the durable ABS plastic net

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Experience the deep satisfaction of zapping bugs in an instant with our 3500-volt powerful voltage. No more futile swatting or irritating bug bites. Whether you're camping, hiking, or enjoying a family picnic, our portable electric mosquito swatter ensures you can zap anytime, anywhere.

Eliminate Annoying Pests Instantly

Imagine warm summer evenings spent in peace, free from the irritating buzz of mosquitoes and flies. With our Foldable Zapper Racket Haven, you'll experience tranquility like never before.

The super-bright built-in LED light makes it perfect for nighttime use, illuminating your surroundings and keeping the bugs at bay.

Enjoy Bug-Free Nights

Our Foldable Zapper Racket Haven is not only a powerful bug zapper but also a guardian of your family's health. The 3-layer safety wire mesh and double trigger design protect you and your loved ones from accidental touches and misoperation, ensuring the safety of children and pets.

Our foldable handle allows for easy storage on a horizontal plane or hanging on a wall. Concerned about cleaning? Simply shake or brush dead bugs off the net for effortless cleanup.

Protect Your Family

The 1200mAh rechargeable battery allows you to plug the swatter into any USB device for quick and efficient charging.

Enjoy up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge, making it your trusty companion for many summers to come. Constructed with durable ABS plastic, our fly swatter is built to last.

Don't let pesky insects dictate your summer experiences.

Customer Reviews

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Robin k

These things definitely "serves" their purpose! And makes chasing flies around the not so aggravating. And that pleasing sound of ZAP! It is really fun if they get stuck just right and there are multiple zaps as the fly electrocutes itself and then a charred body falls out for my dog to have a tiny crunchy bbq'd snack :)

Love this tool

Killing the hell out of those summer flies that creeps into my house!


Bought this because I live in an apartment on the ground floor and have been dealing with a serious fly infestation for the past couple of weeks (thanks summer). It really works! For bigger bugs like this fat raisin of a fly (pictured) you might need to strike 2-3 times, but once he’s dead, he’s dead. A huge relief.


I am SUPER picky when it comes to ordering online - check all the reviews on similar items, compare prices, etc. I bought this to take on our camping trip and it has worked great!! Not too big where it takes up too much space but not too small where it doesn’t catch any bugs. It’s been perfect for around the campsite and inside the tent for bugs that get in. It gives off a loud “zap” when it kills bugs and it has an on/off switch so it doesn’t waste the battery. Highly recommend!!


I've had three other types of these bug rackets and this is the best one yet BY A LONG WAY! Light, yet sturdy and way powerful ... and the on-off switch is the kicker - I can stick it in a pocket and have no concern of surprises!

AZ Mom of 3

Love this bug zapper. Works perfectly.

Nekee B

It does what it's supposed to do but i feel that there's a stronger hit with the rechargeable swatters as opposed to the ones that require batteries....i now read the product description more thoroughly because i would not have purchased this one had i known it was battery powered :(

Stephanie Garcia

Love the design and colors


I won my first encounter with a large housefly so I am happy, it did the job. just one word of warning: for larger flying bugs it looks like it may not actually kill them every time but just stun them. Exactly like a non-lethal taser for humans. Reason I think this is when I swatted and zapped, the housefly went down and I left for about 5 secs to get a paper towel to clean it up and it wasn't there. I resumed the battle in another room where I found the same fly later on and this time dropped it with the zapper but then did the old fashioned rolled-up magazine swat to make sure it was dead. That worked. So just be wary, esp. if you use this on a bee or wasp like it says you can - make sure you do a final kill shot!Other two features I like are first that there's a protective grate on both sides so a bug will probably pass through but not your hand/fingers unless you really try poking through the grate.The second feature I like is the extra on/off switch as a safety, so no accidental button presses leading to an unsafe mishap.I wish I had this that time in NYC when I battled a flying cockroach, that was a scary night - who knew they could fly!


Fun thing to have to go after the bugs


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